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Brianna Costello:

By Peter Berton

LOS ANGELES – Brianna Costello has a brain, ambition and a go-get-’em attitude to go with her beautiful face, lovely body and GG breasts. In addition to a busy schedule as an adult performer, model and dancer, she has worked in music videos and at conventions and other public events. She serves as a radio personality and has played roles on Showtime and in a mainstream motion picture for Fox … when she wasn’t modeling for the covers of magazines including SCORE and Gent.

All that, and she still considers herself “the girl next door.”

YNOT.com: “Girl next door?” Really?

Brianna Costello: I am a bubbly glass-half-full southern girl combining down-to-earth sensibility with international sophistication — at least that’s what people say about me. I think it’s true.

And you’ve appeared in reality TV shows and music videos as well as porn.

Oh yes — all that and more.

The person I owe the most to is Elliot James of SCORE magazine. He helped me get started, and his wisdom and guidance has been a large part of my success.

It seems fair to say you are quite comfortable doing adult work.

I’ve never been afraid to share myself with those who want to look. I am very aware of the difference between who I really am and the image I can portray.

There are lots of girls with impressive figures, but I’ve been told that my smile and my personality have a way of coming across in a unique way.

What do you like about adult work?

It has been nice to be internationally recognized in various media. All the positive feedback has made me unafraid to extend both myself and my horizons.

I’ve been able to travel and meet all sorts of famous and creative people inside and outside the adult entertainment business.

Other than the obvious, what is your biggest asset?

I am the very best Brianna Costello there ever was. Others have tried, but none has succeeded.

Besides adult work, I am interested in nutrition, yoga and other forms of healthy self-awareness, and I dote on my dogs.

What are your future plans and goals?

To continue to grow intellectually, to see even more of the world, to understand the various perspectives other cultures have on life, love and happiness, and to stay healthy. And, of course, to keep presenting myself for the pleasure of others.

What is one thing few people know about you?

It’s very special, and that’s why so few people know it. An unanswered question is much more appealing and alluring than knowing the answer.

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